New Age Technology Consulting - Sustainable Telecom

View or Sustainable Telecommunications Overview and learn how Today's communications technology solutions can enable your staff in myriad ways while reducing your costs, your carbon emissions and contributing to a greener business environment.

An IP Phone solution that creates business and environmental benefits… while reducing your expenses.

Significantly lower power requirements of the phone system (CPE). We deploy a 100% solid-state IP/PBX with a high efficiency power supply and a low voltage processor for reduced overall energy requirements. There are no fans, hard drives or moving parts to break or replace. Power over Ethernet (POE) for your business telephones eliminates the need for power adapters and additional power outlets.

Enable your workforce for a more flexible, remote working environment.

*Telecommuting reduces expenses for both employers and employees. A reduction in required office space is a greener office.
  • Our telecom solution enables your workers to effectively telecommute, with an office extension at home or on the road, reducing the number of desk spaces required on site and the need to heat and cool a larger facility.
  • Reduce the number of employee commute miles to and from the office while allowing them to stay connected... just like they were at the office.
  • Reduce your real estate costs and carbon emissions from unnecessary travel by leveraging telecommuting, unlimited conferencing and more.